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Why Use a Licensed Contractor

An obligation or „guarantee“ is in fact necessary for each State. You should never take your contractor`s word for it that there is one, but ask for evidence and make sure you understand exactly what it covers. If something goes wrong during the project or if the work is not done to your satisfaction or according to the agreed specifications, you can follow the commitment. This might make you wonder why someone would consider an unlicensed contractor in the first place. Well, like so many other things in life, it usually comes down to money. Given the potential dangers of using unlicensed contractors, we strongly recommend that you make professional approval a higher priority. The first question should always be whether the contractor is licensed and up to date with its licensing requirements. A consumer should then search that contractor`s background to determine if they have been disciplined. After that, we recommend that you weigh the price against reviews and recommendations. Most licensed contractors offer liability insurance to protect you, your family, and your home.

Liability insurance is the protection against bodily injury and bodily injury and property damage that may occur during your renovation. If, for example, a visitor is injured while entering the construction site, insurance coverage covers all medical expenses incurred. In fact, because they are an unlicensed person, they have to cut corners to get the job done. For example, a contractor without a permit will not be able to obtain a building permit or other permit required for a particular mission. That doesn`t seem like a big deal – after all, the entrepreneur will be the only one taking a risk, right? Finally, remember that approval plays a key role in obtaining protection. If you use a contractor without a licence, there is no doubt that they will not get a licence. If they were eventually given a permit, it would disclose their status without a permit to the licensing authority. That said, if you hire a contractor without a license, there`s a chance you won`t get a permit or the labor inspection isn`t done by the city. Permits and inspections are very important to the owner because they allow for a review of the quality of the work that the owner might otherwise not be able to do on their own. If you hire a contractor without a permit and they fall off a ladder while working in your business or home, you are responsible. An unlicensed contractor will also try to reduce the work because they don`t have to comply with building codes, so if a hurricane or even a severe thunderstorm hits, your home or business may not withstand Florida`s weather conditions. When examining a candidate, a consumer should ask: (1) whether the trader is licensed or not; (2) for the licence number; (3) confirm that the licence is up to date; and (4) determine the classification of the license to ensure that they are qualified for the specific work you need.

They must also confirm that they have an up-to-date permit bond, workers` compensation insurance and general liability insurance. In California, all of this information is public and can be found on the Contractor`s State License Board website. If available, a consumer should then search that contractor`s background to determine if they have been disciplined. For example, if your contractor improperly installs a cabinet and it falls off the wall a few weeks later, removing some of your drywall in the process, the binding would cover that loss. Without it, it is an extra effort for you to have the repairs done. The deposit also covers you in the event that an employee steals a personal item from your home. With the technology available today, the local phone number you`re thinking of calling will be answered by a telemarketer in another state. Such operations may not even be allowed in Arizona, and you can pay thousands of dollars for work that is never done or completed.

This means that in the event of damage during a renovation or construction, you can be sure that your contractor will take responsibility for it. This is a great relief for you, especially if you have set a certain budget for your project and don`t have any extra money in case something undesirable happens. And this liability applies not only to damage to your home, but also to injuries that may occur during construction. For example, a visitor to your home gets injured on the construction site, because you have hired a licensed and related contractor, it is he who will pay the hospital fees, so you will not have to worry about spending money. Many consumers care very little about a professional`s verified license status. They care more about recommendations, prices, and reviews. Although admission usually means that the professional has the minimum qualifications, it is still not a guarantee that he or she is the best person for the job. For this reason, prices and consumer ratings are likely to outweigh the licensing factor for an average consumer, especially if they are not aware of the hidden dangers that can arise from using an unlicensed entrepreneur. First, the fact that you are hiring licensed contractors provides minimal assurance that the person providing the Services: (1) has the required skills and character; (2) includes local laws and codes; and (3) knows the basics of running a contracting business. For example, to be eligible for a license, a California entrepreneur must demonstrate four years of travel-level experience in their profession and pass both a commercial law exam and a bachelor`s and business exam. In addition, since 2005, all new entrepreneurs must pass a criminal background check. In other words, the fact that a contractor is licensed means that they are much more likely to have the knowledge to ensure that the work complies with the code and is done correctly.

When a contractor holds a license, it means that he has the legitimate right to be a professional in his sector. They make a legitimate career out of this profession and don`t just make money fast. In California, visit the Contractors State License Board website and search for your contractor. For other states, just look for a contractor`s license [your state] and your local licensing authority should be the first result that appears. You should be able to see your contractor`s actual license and see if any complaints have been filed against them. As noted above, the fact that they are licensed provides the minimum assurance that the person providing the services: (1) has the required skills and character; (2) includes local laws and codes; and (3) knows the basics of running a contracting business. .